• Design, implementation and monitoring phases one and two and three maps
  • Architecture, interior decoration and facade, steel and concrete structures, mechanical and electrical
  • Counseling, testing of soil mechanics, surveying, Cost Estimation, obtaining building permit
  • Lath Consulting Engineers to provide engineering services such as design: interior design and facades of modern and classic style, design and calculations five

About us

About Company

RAF TARH consulting engineers , in novemher1394 by nayyer fazeli was established  with the number  24099  was registered . at companies regestration office .According to the  statutes of the company's activities in the fields of design, construction and supervision of projects residential, office, commercial, industrial, military, religious, educational,Health, parks, city squares, urban projects, urban furniture and interior coration Over 10 different sectors including administrative personnel, design, implementation, tudies using  innovative technologies designed to provide advanced software executiveThe echnical services - engineering.
" RAF TARH TABRIZ" credit and owes its success to establish and maintain long-term relationships with our customers .To combine expertise, technology, creativity and innovation to improve its processes and services and new management approach to thinking ...